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Our goal is for our clients to "go home a hero" when provided by us with creative, artistic and attractively decorated garments. Our sincere desire is always to provide these quality products for a fair price and to see to it that they are delivered when promised!

For 27 years the Cauble Family has found no greater satisfaction than achieving our success through honest dealings with our customers and the belief that with their continued happiness comes our continued success.



Our founder, Rick Cauble had been teaching and coaching for 10 years and decided to supplement his salary by selling spirit wear to local schools. He began by representing a company out of Houston but quickly became frustrated by the length of time it took them to process his orders. He quickly decided it was time to start processing his sales locally. He went to the local banker, orders in hand, and procured a line of credit. He researched suppliers and then found a local screen-printer. This was the beginning of Cauble & Associates, the original name of the business.


After a couple of years the young enterprise found itself at another crossroads when the printer could not keep up with the volume of work. He offered to sell the business to Rick along with a very small inventory and a few customers. After making the purchase he found himself the proud owner of very old equipment and with no screen printing experience! Rick and Elaine attended a screen printing school in Kansas– boy were they beginners! They continued to work out of the garage where the equipment was located with some help from the original owner. Cold winter mornings left them waiting till noon for the inks to defrost enough to begin printing. The summer time was unbearably hot. While Elaine worked in her "real job", Rick became the artist, the printer, the folder, the boxer, the delivery person and the bookkeeper! In approximately a year's time he hired an old high school classmate to be the printer. This allowed more time for his many other duties. A friend that was a firefighter did his artwork in his off hours.


The business moved to a 500 sq.ft. commercial location between a dog groomer and chiropractor. A computer, a new printing press and a dryer were purchased. By continuing to offer great customer service the business had many repeat customers and continued steady growth. During this time period the Caubles oldest son, Emery, came on board. A larger printing press was purchased. After approximately 5 years it became very apparent that Cauble Sportswear, Inc. had outgrown it's location. Elaine had joined the staff as a full-time worker also and they began to look for a new home for the business.


The business moved into it's current location (4,000 sq. ft.) and quickly began to fill up the whole building! A new automatic press and new dryer were added. Our first website was launched. More workers came on board to keep up with the demand during peak times. Signs, banners and many other products were offered and produced. Booster clubs, church groups, music groups, organizations on school campuses and other businesses continued to regularly rely on Cauble Sportswear for their custom T-Shirt needs. New management software was acquired to help keep up with the growing customer base. A second automatic screen printing press was purchased. The Caubles other son, Clay, left the corporate world and joined the staff to round out the Cauble Team! With the addition of Clay, came both new and fresh marketing ideas and the renewed commitment from our team to continue to provide quality products and service to our existing customers and also those who choose to work with us on their projects in the future.

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